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PT. Langgeng Gumelar Sejati | Div. Stainless Steel dan Fiberglass | Industrial parts

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PT. Langgeng Gumelar Sejati | Div. Stainless Steel dan Fiberglass | Industrial parts
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PT. Langgeng Gumelar Sejati | Div. Stainless Steel dan Fiberglass | Industrial parts


Stainless Steel, Metal and Fiberglass Company

PT. Langgeng Gumelar Sejati is industrial engineering or Industrial parts a specialized manufactured of a full range of Chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, stainless filter, bushing, roller chain, timing pulley, belt pulley, bevel gear, spur gear, coupling, reducer, gear reducer, shaft, special chain, forged chain, sliding door spare parts, special gear, spiral gear, jig fixture, transmission spare parts, conveyor line parts, Aeronautical parts, Automotive parts, Mechanical parts, Equipment parts, Small-size components for electronic parts, Complex Plastic Mould, Jig and fixtures, Electrode for EDM, Spiral turbine blades, drat pins, shafts, pulleys, plate cylinder piston rings, repair as gear, shaft blower.Cooling jacket for the die frame connecting rod die casting, bushings, top blade blade nosing, sprockets, bogie arm. support, lower scoop, roll Teflor, RS sprockets, brake drums, ass roller pipe joint, retainer, vertical shafts, swing, hammer block, bolt infill, spur gear, V-Block RHS, Cylinder liner, Piston, Nozzle, Savety valve, Kabel RPM, Ghossneck, Ring, Gear pump, Mechanical seal, Forklift Spare Parts, Kabel marine, Plat besi, Oksigen, Acytelin, Wirerope, Polypropeline, Lashing, T slot bold, OT gear house, Ring carbon, sockets, holders, joint core, bevel gear, flange, Bearing, Flange bearing, Take up bearing, Pillow block bearing, Plummer block bearing, Seal Plummer Block, Cable Chain, Cable Veyor, Dies Punching Tool, Dies Deep Drawing, Dies Bending Part, Dies Progresive, Improvement Reduce Cost dan Proces Dies, Power Transmission, Electric Motor, Roller Chain, Cable Flexible, Dies machine, Cable Glands, Flexible Conduit, connector etc.

And manufactured Conveyor & System, Cartooning Machines, Lift & Frame, Spare Part, Racking, Flexible Shaft, Trading, Mechanical Seal, Horn, Sealer, Part of Machine, Cutter of Machine, Screw of Rice Puff, Measurement Tools, Palleting, , Trolley, Safety Guard Machines, Jig, HASAMI GAUGE, PLUG GAUGE, RING GAUGE, Conveyor, Conditioner SUS 304, Chain Conveyor, Cross Joint ( Couple ) , Rail on wagon, Cutter Blade Perforasi, Bobin Finish Sheild Outer, Frame Loss Cutter, Gear, Recondition Roll Mill, Spare Part Plodder, Stopper Chuck, Pin, Perlengkapan Produksi, Saluran Tablet, As Tie Bar, Screw Plastic MC, Die Ring, Dies Copling, Forming lower, Main Brake, Torque Wren Adapter, Infleting Valve Bowing, Stending Prestator, Wardrobe, Standing Die BTP, Frame, Jig, Retainer, Punch Haider Dies Progressive Plate Hook, Die R/ L Dies Notching Pipe Swing Arm, Die Pierching Filter, Die Valve Chamber, Die Klem Pipa Cerobong etc.

Moreover a specialized manufactured of Tower for XL, Indosat, Telkomsel etc, telecommunications company based in Indonesia. We produced and sell Kitchen Equipment ( Interior Dapur) at Hotel, factory, Restaurant, produced and sell Stainles product such as Q-up Stand ( Tiang Antrian Stainless or pembatas antrian stainless) , Barrier, Dustbin Stainless ( Tempat Sampah Stainless) , bak sampah stainless, tong sampah stainless, Stainless Rack, Stainless Chair, Stainless Worktable, Stainless Tanks, Stainless Steel Table Sink, Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment atau produk-produk dapur yang terbuat dari bahan-bahan stainless steel dan lainnya, Trolley bandara, Troli hotel, Troli pelabuhan, Trolley Hospital, Produk Stainless, Tangki Stainless, Rak Stainless, Railing Tangga Stainless, automatic door stainless steel, Canopy Stainless Steel, Rak Stainless Steel, Pagar Stainless Steel, balkon stainless steel, meja stainless steel, kursi stainless steel, kursi lipat stainless steel, meja dapur stainless, worktable stainless, meja kerja stainless, pintu stainless steel, frame stainless steel, kusen stainless, jendela stainless, pintu otomatis stainless, casing lift stainless, cover lift stainless, interior dan eksterior stainless dan lain sebagainya.

http: / / www.youtube. com/ watch? v= tl3q13pQrGY


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Fiber product such as Tempat sampah Fiber, Tong Sampah Fiber, Seluncur Fiber untuk wahana waterboom (

) , Peluncur Fiber, Tangki Panel Fiber, Tangki Fiber, Bak Fiber, Pelampung Fiber Separator Fiber, Fiber Boat, Fiberglass Boat, perahu Fiberglass, Kapal Fiber, Kapal Fiberglass, Kapal Pleasure, Kapal Patroli, Kapal Pengawas, Kapal Penumpang, Kapal Penyeberangan, Kapal Ferry, Kapal Penyelamat, Sekoci, SAR, Kapal Ikan : Pole & Line, perahu fiber, Speed Boat, air boat, Passenger Boat, tandon fiber, depot air minum dari fiber, Dispenser fiber, Box motor fiber, waterpark fiber, tangga darurat fiber untuk digedung-gedung, furniture fiber, aquarium fiber, kolam fiber, septitank fiber, toilet fiber, arena bermain fiber, atap fiber, pot fiber, pot fiberglass, dll dan semua produk yang berbahan fiber.

http: / / www.youtube.com/ wa tch? v= MimXpsyIs7c

Due to our sincerity in offering best service to our clients, understanding of your needs and overriding sense of responsibility toward filling ordering requirements, we have obtained the trust of buyers worldwide. Having accumulated precious experience in cooperating with foreign customers, our products are selling well in some countries. Our products are manufactured by modern computerized machinery and equipment or cnc milling. Meanwhile, our products are manufactured according to high quality standards, and complying with the international advanced standard criteria.

With many years' experience in this line, we will be trusted by our advantages in competitive price, one-time delivery, prompt response, on-hand engineering support and good after-sales services.

We also can design and make non-standard products to meet customers' special requirements. Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive. We will provide best services and high quality products with all sincerity. If you need any information or samples, please contact us and you will have our soon reply.

Please contact our marketing:
087779000633 - 0812.1030.9526 - 0857.1513.7505 - 082122822285 ( Mr. Ismail )

Pin BB: 513D616B
Whats Up: 087779000633

www.stainless-steel.langgeng sejati .com
www.fabrikasi-stainle ss-fiberglass.com

email: ismail@ stainlesssteel.co.id / stainlessindonesia@ yahoo.com / fiberindonesia@ yahoo.com / pabrikasi_stainless@ yahoo.co.id / dustbinfiber@ yahoo.co.id / ismail@ fiberindonesia.co.id

For Tower, contractors and Manufacturing: Mr. Abdul Manan 0817 752 143 - 0811 988 974

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